Why Fontvieille Provence is a Perfect Holiday Attraction

Why Fontvieille Provence is a Perfect Holiday Attraction

Fontvieille Provence lies quaintly on the foot of the Alpilles. Surrounded by other bustling tourist attractions, Fontvieille celebrates its windmills every April.

The windmills were brought to fame by the French Write Alphonse Daudet. It bids an idyllic weekend with its oil mills, Romanesque romantic architecture and a plethora of traditional celebrations.

Here’s what is waiting to enthral you in Fontvieille

Why Fontvieille Provence is a Perfect Holiday Attraction

A fun party awaits you

The traditional ‘Fete des Moulins’ celebration doubles as the election of the Lady of the Windmills. A procession is held through the village streets carrying its star of the show, New Queen of Arles.

Pleased tastebuds

The village’s gastronomic line-up in the tasting events held in June and October, and at the summer fair is where you can fill up your belly with delicious local produce. This event must be your high priority when planning a holiday here, epicurean, or not.

Heart-warming Roman Villages

Explore the cultural treasures in Fontvieille at the ruins of two Roman aqueducts and flour mills. During the Roman era, it is said that this town was home to up to 16 working mills. The old stone houses, Troglodyte dwellings offer a time travel to the Middle Ages.

Château de Montauban

This castle was home to the famous Alphonse Daudet every time he visited Provence. A visit to the windmill inspired his most famous and love work,” Letters from My Windmill”. In addition, the view from the mill over the Alpilles is romantic and breath-taking. During your stay, make sure you make your excursion delightful with the Sentier des Moulins windmill walk.

Local delights

Fontvieille is home to local produce with secret addresses where you can stock up on your gourmet goodies to savour there or pack for home. Head over to the Fontvieille market on Mondays and Fridays and find Les Oliviers de l’Aqueduc, wine producers and colourful Provencal markets. Buzz over to the Alpilles area to taste and buy high-quality honey and enjoy an introduction to beekeeping.

Why Fontvieille Provence is a Perfect Holiday Attraction

Stroll and appreciate

After your bags and belly are full, take to the promenades to absorb the beauty of the village. Fontvieille is the heart of Provence. You can take the Sentier des Parcelles footpath to meet the magnificent vineyard of Chateau d’ Estoublon.

In conclusion

You will come across many exciting places to eat and sleep in Fontvieille. Try the slow and nature-focused camping experience for families and couples alike if you wish to spend the night under starry skies. Tourists love the unscathed landscapes here.

Many artists have taken trips to this peaceful and picture-perfect town to draw inspiration for their best works. The multitude of architecture makes us appreciative of the skill of the artisans of the Middle Ages. Your holiday is a definite hit here.

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