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Welcome To Fontvieille Provence

Welcome to Fontvieille in the heart of the Alpilles in Provence, whether you are with family, friends or alone, our village conceals a heritage that will charm you so let yourself be told the secrets of our history during the visits specially created for you.

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Take A Walk With The Family

The land of inspiration, serenity and windmills. Visit and be enamoured by the enchanting vibe of Fontvieille that
Alphonse Daudet beautifully chronicled. The Roman ruins will mesmerize you.


Montauban Castle

Celebrated in the preface to “Lettres de mon Moulin”, this building was a place of serenity and tranquility for Alphonse Daudet. This castle hosts the writer’s museum and the “Fontvieille en Histoires” exhibition.


Roman Aqueducts

You will surely be amazed by the two Roman aqueducts and the exceptional flour mill whose limestone remains harmonize perfectly with the surrounding natural atmosphere.


Visit Of An Apiary

On the Cala Melosa beekeeping farm, watch the apiary and the bees at work. From extracting honey to potting; follow the steps of the beekeeper’s work and discover the different varieties of honey depending on the flower collected.


Guided Tours

Experience the best-kept secrets of Fontvieille. Situated at the foot of the Alpines, you can walk through the rolling hills and witness the architectural marvel.

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Cultural Heritage Hikes

For a family outing or a long hike, Fontvieille unveils a heritage and a variety of landscapes perfectly suited to
hiking. Let yourself be seduced by the richness of the Alpilles massif.

Adventure Awaits, Go Find It.

Sports Hikes Or Family Walks

Plenty to do here for outdoor enthusiasts. Explore the wild flowers of Aqueduct Romain de Barbegal and all year accessible Boucle du Mont Paon. Live the history and holiday in leisure at Fontvieille when with family. Traverse the whole quaint town and live as the Romans did! From museums to festivals, the beauty of this town is unlike anywhere else.

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Adventure Is Out There

Horse Riding

Ride the horses like the Romans and relish the beautiful landscapes, from
the grand mountains to the loving flowers. Bathe in the love
of the kind Fontvieille sun.

Tourism and Travel

Be it a romantic getaway or a family trip with the bespoke luxury services, explore the wide variety of tastes and learn the impressive history of Fontvieille. 

This little town is the closest you will ever get to the perfection.

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