Tour the Scenic Fontvieille Provence

Tour the Scenic Fontvieille Provence

Nestled among the limestone hills, it is renowned as the home of the 10-century writer Alphonse Daudet. Also famous as the land of windmills, the Fontvieille Provence inhabits the food of the Alpilles. The tourist cities of Arles, Baux-de-Provence and Paradou surround this lovely town.

The refreshing surroundings will inspire you to stay closer to nature and rejuvenate your mind. Founded in 1790, Fontvieille is an essential agricultural town. This town is one of the first medieval villages in the twelfth century.

Unveil Fontvieille’s rich historical and architectural heritage. Here’s what you find in this quaint town.

Tour the Scenic Fontvieille Provence

Saint-Pierre Mill

Alias Daudet Mill is the most famous windmill here. A hike here will let you absorb the beauty of flora and fauna here.

Castle of Montauban

This castle is where Alphonse Daudet, the author of the Letters of my Mill, spent his last years. It harbours a promenade touching the prominent mills of the city,


Parish church until the seventeenth century, only its apse remains. These days, it holds local cultural events. Located at the foot of the Alpilles, it is a must-visit.

Estoublon Castle

The caste has now been dedicated to organic farming for viticulture and growing olives. Rebuilt in the 17th century, it had earlier served as set for the famous television series Les Gens de Mogador. This easy to access castle has been listed as a Historic Monument.

Tour the Scenic Fontvieille Provence

The tower of Canillac

This tower marked the power and military strength in the war occurring between the 14th and 15th centuries. It was known to house the seigniorial residence and a ceremonial room. Post 16th century, the tower of Canillac underwent some modifications. Now it holds exhibitions, mainly by the famous painter Carl Liner.

The fountains of the village

The limestone fountains used to be a social gathering point. This fragment of history will give you a better grasp of the Middle Ages.

You can check out the Roman aqueducts, as well as the relics.

Further, March is the month when the horse fair is held. The market operates every Monday and Friday. Come April, witness the competition for the giant olive tree. Beginning of August is the village festival frolic.

The Daudet festival held in August is another unmissable event.

Tour the Scenic Fontvieille Provence

In conclusion

Enjoy the sun-kissed Fontvieille Provence, the land of wine, culture, and history. The colourful markets, flavoursome food, and scenic countryside beckon you to spend your next holiday revelling in Roman architecture and classic style. The beauty of Fontvieille Provence has inspired many to relish nature and draw closer to history. It offers scenic charm and the good life. We recommend not to miss out on this romantic vacation.

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