Leisure And Fantastic Activities To Do In Fontvieille!

Leisure And Fantastic Activities To Do In Fontvieille!

Most of us tend to find some leisure and fun activities to do in a new place. Fontvielle is located in the southern part of Monaco. If you visit this place, you can indulge yourself in some fantastic and fun activities. So, we have lined up some best leisure activities for you to do in Fontvieille!

  • Visit the Manade des Chanoines ranch to admire horses and farms!

The place welcomes its guests every Thursday right from easter to late August and allows them to discover their culture, traditions, horses, and breeding. Also, the guests will be greeted by a guardian who will give detailed information about how the place works and so on. Admire the beauty of the farm, ride the horse, and explore the area!

Leisure And Fantastic Activities To Do In Fontvieille!

  • Time for some adventure? Try canoe-kayaking in the Gardon Gorges!

Discover the vast site of the Gorges du Gargon, bio reserve, and other unique places while you pass the paths adapted to your rhythm. With the best service by the company, you can enjoy the pure beauty of Fontvieille!

  • Safari at the wild Camargue:

With four by four panoramic views, a safari at the wild Camargue allows the visitors to explore and discover the flamingo by the box. There will be guides to guide you in exploring the beautiful pine forests, rice fields while you taste wine sands, regional products, rice beer, focaccia d Aigues Mortes, sausage bulls, and so on. Give it a try and experience this unforgettable and exceptional adventure!

  • It’s shopping time; Visit Provence’s artisanal nougat factory!

You will be allowed to explore the secrets of how tender, smooth, and blown white nougat being purely handcrafted in Caumont nougaterie. The place boasts itself for not using any colouring additives or preservative aromas, cooking nougats in copper, selecting raw materials only along with the harvested best lavender honey. Also, the place is known for its 13 fantastic desserts, and thus crash into this place to explore more!

Leisure And Fantastic Activities To Do In Fontvieille!

  • Give it a shot to the 1900 Museum!

With more than 3700 old pieces of collections, eight fantastic atmospheres, the 1900 museum is stretched up to 1500㎡. The museum is a complete nostalgic world dedicated to toys, carriages, bicycles, cinema, radio, motorcycles, cars, 18th century’s oil mill, tractors, animated agricultural scenes, household arts, fire vehicles, objects used in everyday life, trades, and so on. Just visit the place once to explore and discover how was life back then.

Also, other leisure activities can be done in Fontveielle like discovering the hilltop villages and lavender fields in the Provencal Excursion, visit the Camargue to explore the horse and bull ranch, crash into the Palace of the Popes, and you can also discover the food tour of the Camargue!

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