A Holiday at Fontvielle Provence

A Holiday at Fontvielle Provence

Fontvielle is a lovely town nestled in limestone quarries. It has been named after a small water source. Nature lovers and hikers will find themselves impressed by this land of windmills.

Eternalized in the works of the writer Alphonse Daudet Watermills, the olive oil and the flour mills produce exceptional quality local products. The Roman mill and the Aqueducts are located in the pretty as a picture park of Les Alpilles, adding to its charm.

This little Provencal village has a lot to offer.

A Holiday at Fontvielle Provence

The archaeological site of Roman Aqueducts.

It is an ingenuine and pragmatic piece of architecture that fulfilled the Romans’ need for water in the past. The site provides an abundant experience of the skills artisans in that era.

The Church of Saint Pierre-ès-Lien

This parish church is built in the classic style that holds historical and religious heritage. The Church has garnered many admirers.

The Mill of Daudet

Built in 1814, the mill also holds a museum on the theme of the “Lettres de Mon Moulin” author Alphonse Daudet as he was enamoured and inspired by this mill.

The Hypogeum of CIastelet

These underground tombs make an exciting tourist attraction. The impossible designs will leave you astounded.

The St-Jean oil mill

St-Jean oil mill is a beautiful and historic family operated oil mill. Experience the olive oil tour and tasting when you visit this mill.

The Sentier des Moulins Alphonse Daudet

The Moulin holds a captivating history. A stroll by the mills shall acquaint you with the history.

The Castle of Montauban

The castle is the residence of the family that welcomed the writer Alphonse Daudet. The castle is a beautiful building dating back to the eighteenth century with an eight-hectare park.

Also, Fontvielle is surrounding by many other pleasant and peaceful villages such as Maussane-Les-Alpilles, Saint-Remy de Provance and Eygalieres. All the more reasons to plan a trip to Fontvielle.

A Holiday at Fontvielle Provence

In conclusion

Fontvielle is diverse and beautiful. The fresh air of the Provence will take you back in time. Fontvieille holds a Romanesque legacy with old stone dwellings, watchtowers, and castles. When you visit this picturesque Provence, you experience the essence of the Middle Ages.

In the hubbub of the city life, Fontvielle Provence is a calming pause. If you are on the search for a family excursion or a romantic getaway, you can explore Fontvielle on foot to extract every ounce of the beauty. There are plenty of highlights that Fontvielle Provence holds. Encounter the same beauty that inspired Alphonse Daudet to write his honoured and loved poem “Letters from my Windmill”.

Fontvielle Provence is a celebration of Roman architecture. Make sure this quaint Provence finds its way into your bucket list.

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